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In Japan,  harmful bats are damaging your house and family. If you find bats around your neighbor, let us know!

Japanese bats are hurmful and dangerous.  Sometimes bats are found in residential streets.IMGP7036.JPG
In Japan, there are many problems about bat harm. Japanese bat tend to sneak into house and stay there for a long time. Bats tend to live in the attic of normal residence as their nest. And bats have babies from 5 to 10 in one year, so they rapidly increase.

Japanese bats are mostly called “Abura-koumori(Oil-bat)” and very small. Only 5cm tiny bats can sneak into the house from only 3cm hall.

It used to be rare that bats bring harm to normal residence. However bats are adapting human’s life, and becoming to live in residence.

Japanese bats tend to have a lot of viruses that causes allegy to people. And bats defecate a lot and may droppings on the floor of the attic or all over the houseyard. Bat’s droppings also cause desese or allergy to people, therefore it need to exterminate them soon as you notice it.

We are professional company of bats extermination, have a lot of experience and skills. Nobody kills bats to exterminate, eventhough we call it “Bat extermination” because of Japanese low.

JapanesIMGP0803.JPGe bat extermination is that we kick out all bats living in your house, then we close the hole that bat sneak in, and clean up all dropings and sterlize the house.

If you find bats flying around your neighbor, It might be staying in the attic of your house. Please call us (0120-094-781) to get free bat extermination check.



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コウモリ駆除No.1とは 本当に怖いコウモリ被害 代表取締役社長 梅木 厚生
コウモリ駆除ナンバーワンは、株式会社 防除研究所(防研・ボウケン)が運営するコウモリを退治、撃退、駆除し、フン被害の対策などをする業者です。住宅の屋根裏、換気扇、軒下からコウモリを追い出し、再発防止(侵入対策)まで施工致します。工場、倉庫など法人、企業からのご依頼も承ります。
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